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Express Heating for Your Express Lifestyle

There is no denying the fact that our lifestyles have changed considerably over the last few decades. Today, everything is about instant gratification. We want to be able to order food online, which arrives on our doorsteps in less than 60 minutes. We enjoy being able to book taxis that will be ready to pick us up in just 2 minutes. All of this, is a result of living fast-paced lives, as we hustle from our offices to our homes, every day, constantly replying to e-mails from our smartphones, and willing to wake up at 5 a.m. to get in touch with overseas clients.

Considering the current dynamic scenario, we have understood the need of your express lifestyles perfectly. To help you live life in the fast lane, we have carefully crafted a unique range of best water heaters, which ensure that you do not have to hit the brakes at any time through your day.

How does the instant hot water feature in A. O. Smith water heaters make a difference in the day-to-day life of a person? Let us take a look.

1) It provides an unlimited supply of water:

Let us be honest, who does not like to rejuvenate in the luxury of hot water every now and then?

We know we do. A. O. Smith brings you an endless supply of hot water for whenever you need to relax, or clean your dirty dishes with ease.

2) It helps to conserve energy:

More often than not, water heaters can cause your electricity bills to shoot up. We have crafted our water heaters so that they save energy and water.

3) It is cost efficient:

Imagine checking the water heater price and coming across an overwhelming figure for the same. That is why we offer you a range of water heaters that come in various price ranges. Based on your needs and your budget, we are sure we can find an A. O. Smith heater that suits all your needs.

4) It provides healthier and safer water:

 With instant hot water being available almost every day, you will never have to worry about battling any bacteria which you may find in your room temperature water.


Different Ways to Save Water in Day-to-Day Life

While there is a growing concern about the conservation of water in todays times, several drought-stricken areas are already emerging at an alarming rate. We are already facing a severe water crisis, and we need to act now so that we do not end up repenting in the future.

Believe it or not, conscious use of water and minor changes in your lifestyle could help save gallons of water. Even Gandhiji advocated, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

So why not begin right away and then gradually aim at achieving higher goals of saving more water. Here is a list of few water-saving tips for you to get started.

1) Turn off the tap in time:

Do you really want the water gushing out of the tap, being wasted while you are busy brushing your teeth or scrubbing your hand with soap?

Most certainly not! Turn that faucet off and save a few gallons of water.

2) Switch to filling up a bucket instead of taking a shower:

As you stand under a shower, a lot of water goes straight down the drain. Instead, fill up a bucket and have accountability of how much water you are using. This way you only use the amount of water you really require.

3) Set up a water purifier with ART (Advance Recovery Technology):

To ensure water saving and purification of water at the same time, you can simply install a purifier that recovers more water. We suggest installing A. O. Smith’s Green RO purifiers to get the the best home water filteration system and begin saving water right away!

4) Fix those leaks:

If you have already set your mind on big water savings you simply cannot miss fixing those untimely leaks. You can choose to go DIY, or simply call a plumber.

5) Soak your dirty dishes and fruits:

They say, ‘a little goes a long way’. So, why not soak your dirty dishes and fruits in a limited amount of water instead of running the faucet endlessly?

6) Do not push the start button until your dishwasher or washing machine is full:

Many gallons of water can be saved while washing those dirty dishes and clothes, if only we remember to start those machines after they are full.

7) Re-use your cooking water:

Once you boil some veggies, do not just pour all that water down the drain. You can use it to cook something else later on. This is actually a really good practice, because there are added nutrients in the water, making it super healthy for you.

After adhering to these water saving tips, we hope that others around you will also follow suit, and together we can work towards ending the water crisis.


Simple Tips to Improve Your Water Drinking Habits

We all know that we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It is a habit people need to adapt to their lifestyle. They primarily fail to understand importance of drinking adequate amount of water and hence, do not give much thought to it in between their busy schedules. Thankfully, we are here with a few tips to help you improve your daily water drinking habits.

Here is what you can do to ensure you get those 8 essential glasses every day:

1) Set a timer:

It is a good idea to drink water every 2 or 3 hours. Set a timer on your phone that will nudge you into drinking a glass every couple of hours. This ensures your body stays hydrated through the day. If you wait until you get thirsty, you are already too late, because your body is completely dehydrated by this point.

2) Add some flavor:

We understand that water does not really taste exceptional, but this could make it more interesting. Add a few sprigs of mint, or a slice of lemon to your water, and voila, you have got a refreshing drink. You can also try adding strawberries, green apple or kiwi to your water for an added burst of flavor.

3) Get an app:

Today, almost everybody has a smartphone. Why not make the most of it? You can simply install a health-based app that reminds you to drink water. Not only will the app remind you to take a break, but it will also caution you if you have had too much water.

4) Carry a bottle:

Of course, it is not always possible for a person to stop whatever they are doing to head over to the water cooler and get themselves a glass of water. Instead, make sure you carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. That way, you can stay hydrated even when you are working on an urgent presentation, or you are stuck in traffic for a few hours.

To ensure you have a constant supply to pure drinking water, you can a nuy water filter. They make sure that your drinking water is free from any kind of contaminants. Thankfully, it is quite affordable to purchase a water purifier today. The water purifier price in India ranges from Rs. 2,000 to over Rs. 20,000, the amount you eventually pay will depend on the kind of water purifier you choose.