HPA (Split 300/450 litres)

HPA :- The HPA heat pump water heater is a split type system that utilises the heat pump technology to provide efficient way to heat water with electricity. HPA pulls heat from surrounding air and deposits the heat into the tank. The end result is hot water with cooler and dehumidified air as a welcome by-product.

PRODUCT FEATURES:- Energy Saving Heating: The New generation water heater extracting heat from the atmosphere and using it for heating water. Max: MAX function for more hot water output, therefore better bathing experience. AES (adaptive energy-saving system): AES feature adopts heating cycle automatically, which will facilitate water usage and save energy by minimizing thermal loss. Hot water amount display: Indicates the amount of hot water available in the tank. Intelligent defrosting: The automatic intelligent deforst function solves the problems like freezing of exchanger, frosting and resumes the system to operate efficiently. Wired remote controller: The controller and the uint are to be installed seperately for clear view sight and conveient operation. Glass-lined special protective tank: Patented glass-Lined protection by A. O. Smith for better tank life. Anode rod protection: A powerful steel-core-anode rod to protect tank and prolonged service life of the heat pump water heater. High efficiency Energy Saving Insulation: A polyureathane foam insulating layer reduces heat loss effectively.

ALL ROUND SAFETY :- • Triple protection - Thermostat, High temperature limit and T&P relief valve. • Refrigerant and water are completely separated, condenser uses rectangular steel tubes. • Water can be heated upto 65°C on heat pump mode, which prevents breeding of Legionella bacteria. • Compressor overheating protection • High and low voltage protection • Refrigerant leakage protection.

SMART & CONVENIENT :- • LCD touch pad display • Intuitive icons clearly indicate the current operating mode • Three line display communicates current status and displays error messages in plain English when applicable. • Safety lock • Individual back lit buttons for mode selection.