Auto Softener

     The wholesome Softenizer that Thinks and works for you.
    Monitors water usage and adjust to your changing needs.
    Inform your early on low salt in brine tank.
    Communicates and prioritizes wash cycle with adjacent filter.
    Works through its powerful program cycles to consistently deliver soft water.
    A Recharges the softener automatically or at your will.
    Display remaining soft water, flow rate, and progess cycle.
    Backwash flushes remaining salt from the system to drain.
    Fast rinse ensures that the Softenizer is all set for softening once again.
    Automatically adjust the recharging time to suit your charging water.
      Technical Specification     
3 AS
6 AS
Flow Rates Upto     3.0 m3/h     6.0 m3/1.5h
Output / Regeneration (m3)     11 @< 50ppm Hardness     22 @< 50ppm Hardness
Based on Feed Water Hardness
200PPM CaCO3         
Purple Resin Quantity (liters)     45     90
Coarse Silex (kg)     30     40
Cabinet Salt Capacity in kgs     100     100
Salt Per Recharge in kgs     7     14
Process Valve     Fully Automatic Programmable     Fully Automatic Programmable
Softener Vessels     Composite filament
wound Resin vessel &
HDPE brine tank     Composite filament
wound Resin vessel &
HDPE brine tank
Vessel Size     13" dia. * 54" Height,
2.5" Top Opening     14" dia. * 65" Height,
4" Top Opening
Regeneration Pump     Self priming pump (with inbuilt NRV)     Self priming pump (with inbuilt NRV)
Installation Footprint     4 x 5 sq. ft.     4 x 5 sq. ft.
Electric Supply Requirements     230VAC, 6Amp = 2 Points Electric     230VAC, 6Amp = 2 Points Electric